Yoga Nidra

Learn the art of relaxed attention. Explore the many layers of your human experience through guided self-observation of body, breath, emotions, thoughts and beyond. While the practice of Yoga Nidra has evolved from the foundations of a 2500-year old Yoga wisdom tradition, current scientific research supports its ability to facilitate relaxation, reduce physical tensions and chronic pain, and help to manage anxiety disorders such as PTSD.

At its deepest level, Yoga Nidra encourages us to view life's changes --whether large or small--as happening around us rather than to us. It is this experiential perspective that acts as the doorway to the most authentic and peaceful part of our true nature.

During a Yoga Nidra practice guided by Rhoda Miriam, you experience guided meditation designed to invite states of relaxed well being. This practice of non- judgemental observation of physical sensations, breathing, emotions and thoughts makes it possible to release stress and tension while consciously experiencing the richness of your existence.

The workshop, “Permission to Relax: Restorative Yoga Nidra” includes several gentle, meditative practices, some discussion, and concludes with a half-hour guided Yoga Nidra experience. This form of conscious relaxation is usually practiced lying on the floor, although sitting in a chair also works.

See the schedule for times, dates and place of the next workshop. For information on individual Yoga Nidra sessions with Rhoda, contact her directly.