Learn to develop practices that enable you to live with less stress and more peace. Tap into the essence and richness of your life by cultivating non-judgmental awareness and compassionate action.

There are many meditation techniques that help us discover and maintain this awareness and compassion. For example, with a technique like meditating on the breath, the body and mind are working together as a whole by creating a greater sense of peacefulness (try this brief practice).

The following programs offer experiential exploration of both classical and contemporary meditation practices designed to support the body mind approach to healing and wellness.

"Cultivating a Calm Mind: Meditation for Daily Living" A 4-week series that includes 6 hours of learning and practicing classical and contemporary techniques. Here is an opportunity to learn or renew the skills that support the experience of being fully present to your life. During this program (or the shorter workshop version), you will experience meditation techniques whose origins are found in many classical as well as contemporary teachings. In addition, each week’s exploration will include a variety of suggestions on how to bring the mindfulness process into your daily life. Practices include breath and body awareness, walking meditation and mindful movement, sound focusing, yoga nidra, Metta (loving kindness), conscious listening, and insight meditation. No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

"Cultivating a Peaceful Heart: Meditation for Daily Living" In this 4-week series you will explore what the Buddha referred to as the Brahma-viharas, the four most valuable qualities of the heart: loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. Using practices such as breath and body awareness along with mindful speaking, listening and journaling, students will discover how these qualities can serve to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, compassionate action towards ourselves and others, and a positive and peaceful existence.

See the schedule, for times, dates and place of the next series or workshop. For information on individual Meditation sessions with Rhoda, contact her directly.